NICOR publishes National Cardiac Audit Programme (NCAP) Annual Report 2022


National Cardiac Audit Programme Annual Report for 2022  published today (16 June 2022)

The report, called “The Heart in Lockdown” covers the 12 months from 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021, the first year of the pandemic.
The NHS faced huge challenges during this time. Across cardiovascular services, bed capacity and staff were redeployed to support COVID-19 patients. Out-patient services were seriously disrupted. There were high levels of illness across the workforce. Staff had to take special measures to protect patients as well as themselves.

Maintaining clinical care for patients has been the top priority of the cardiovascular community. Alongside this, great efforts were made to maintain a flow of audit data to the NICOR’s national cardiac audit programme. This has enabled the analytical work needed to track the impact of the pandemic on cardiovascular services and patients.

With our academic partners, we summarised the early effects on services in our 2020 COVID report, ‘Rapid cardiovascular data: we need it now (and in the future)’ along with the updates that followed. This NCAP report, with a more comprehensive dataset for 2020/21, now looks at the overall impact of the pandemic in that first year. The NCAP analyses combined with inputs from our clinical colleagues, patients, and carers, have allowed us to summarise experiences during that time as well as highlighting lessons to be learned for service recovery and quality improvement.

A big thank you to all our colleagues and stakeholders for their continued support and contribution.  Particularly our clinical colleagues, their supporting audit and clerical teams, and their hospital management teams for ensuring that important data are collected and sent to NICOR. We hope our annual reports put these data into context. In addition to the annual reports, we are incredibly pleased to see an increasing uptake in the use of our new ICT data tools across the country. These allow clinical teams to determine how they are performing on a continuous basis. The data tools also provide a feedback system to help audit teams improve data quality.

Understanding the pressures on hospitals and their clinical teams, we are most grateful for your continuing hard work and contributions to the NCAP.

The Annual Report is accompanied by supporting reports from all the six domains covered by the audit programme and a dedicated Annual Report for Patients, Carers and the Public, which was co-written by NICOR patient representatives Sarah Brown and Richard Corder.

We would welcome your comments, feedback, queries, or ideas for our future reports at 

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