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NICOR Data Access Requests Service

NICOR’s hosting arrangements changed from Bart’s Health to NHS Arden and Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit (AGEM CSU) in June 2022, when the data controller for all NICOR data also changed to NHS England.

Leading up to NICOR’s transition to AGEM CSU the data access service had to be paused due to logistical reasons with the agreement of all NICOR’s data controllers. The process has now been approved and is detailed on in the the NHS England and GIG Cymru (NHS Wales)/NICOR Data Access Request Service (DARS) section below.

NHS England and GIG Cymru (NHS Wales)/NICOR Data Access Request Service (DARS)

Submitting an application

You should get in touch with NICOR’s data access request service before you submit your formal application. By discussing your data needs with NICOR’s DARS manager, you can receive guidance on how to make a strong application.

The DARS manager will assist you with the requirements for the separate sections of the data access request form (DARF). You can access the form through the DARS manager. Research applications are reviewed according to a pre-mapped timetable but at least monthly.

We require you to complete all relevant sections of the request form in full and to have all relevant supporting information and signatures embedded into the document.

The application form has embedded terms and conditions and together they form the data sharing agreement (DSA). All applicants and NICOR are required to sign this document before we authorise the release of data to you. The applicant must read the conditions prior to signing the form. NHS England and GIG Cymru have the right to terminate the DSA and data transfers if there is a failure to comply with the conditions. Failure to adhere to the conditions in the DSA will jeopardise future submissions from the applicants.