Additional analyses/Commentary

The National Adult Cardiac Surgery Audit publishes analysis of its data in several ways. Different tools give patients, the public, hospital staff, commissioners, and government access to the information that is most important to them.

Procedure numbers, risk factors and mortality: Consultants and Hospitals

The analysis shown on the Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery (SCTS) website gives the number of procedures done and associated mortality rate for hospital’s and consultant surgeons doing heart surgery over the last three years. The site also shows how the type of operations each hospital or surgeon does compares to the national average.

Trends over time: Hospitals and National

The Blue Book Online shows the number of procedures as well as mortality and long term survival of patients having heart surgery, and how this changes over time.

iData ‘app’

The SCTS iData application is available for download from the Apple store (search ‘SCTS iData’) or using a computer connected to the internet. The app is designed to support doctor and patient decision making by acting as a ‘window’ into the audit data. The app allows users to place filters on different procedure types to gain access to a tailor-made report based on up-to-date patients. A running total of procedures is given as each filter is added, with the option to generate a report at any time.

Governance tool

Accessible to heart surgery consultants and data managers, the SCTS governance tool allows healthcare professionals to generate custom reports whenever they are needed. This helps them reflect on their practice and ensure that there aren’t any data quality issues. Reports can be downloaded for discussion in team meetings and use in appraisal and revalidation.


Blue Book for Patients

This special edition of the SCTS Blue Book is designed specifically for patients and the public, to explain what they can expect from their heart surgeon. It is available to view online or download as a PDF

Annual report

In June 2012 the National Adult Cardiac Surgery Audit published a report focussing on heart operations in England and Wales 1 April 2010 – 31 March 2011. It includes hospital level information and long term trend analysis.

Sixth Blue Book report

This report, based on NACSA data, focuses on operations carried out up to 2008.