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Audit data for research and analysis

NICOR has a strong and growing research agenda, and welcomes applications from academic groups to use audit data in research projects. We are especially interested in research which aims to identify best practice in clinical management and service coordination and design.

To maximise the research capability, each audit has its own research group which serves a number of purposes, including determining research questions answerable by single or combined datasets and facilitating the research use of the datasets. Audit research groups will be responsible for assessing applications for use of data which involve only one dataset, while the NICOR Operational and Methodology Group (NOM) will consider applications to use data from multiple audits.

We have provided additional information we think will be useful in making an application to use this data.

NICOR data application process flow chart 

Please see full details of the data application process

This guide helps to summarise the application process

If you require linkage of the NICOR and the HES data a Confidential Advisory Group Section 251 approval will need to be in place. This will then enable you to apply directly to NHS Digital for HES data which can then be linked to NICOR data.

If you wish to submit an application for the NICOR audit data please complete a Data Access Request Form (DARF; please see first link above) and send it back to

Please contact with any queries relating to research data.

List of data publishing dates by domain

List of approved projects using National Cardiac Audit Programme data (updated Aug 21)