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NICOR is responsible for a number of national clinical audits designed to improve the quality of care and outcomes of patients with heart disease.

From 24th June 2022 NICOR has been hosted by NHS Arden & Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit (Arden and GEM).

Clinical audit is a quality improvement process. NICOR collects and analyses data to provide health professionals with information to help them to review the quality and outcomes of care against national standards and guidance. You can find the latest National Cardiac Audit Programme report here.

The Annual Report is accompanied by supporting reports from six sub-specialties covered by the audit programme and a dedicated Annual Report for Patients, Carers and the Public, which was co-written by the NICOR Patient Representative Group Chair, Sarah Murray, and patient representative Richard Corder and includes patient experiences during the recovery period.

A patient registry is an organised system for collecting data about a population defined by a particular disease, condition, or treatment. Studies derived from patient registries provide a real-world view of clinical practice, patient outcomes, safety, and comparative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.

NICOR collects patient data and produces analysis, enabling hospitals and healthcare improvement bodies to monitor and improve the quality of care and outcomes of cardiovascular patients. It aims to enhance the care of patients by systematically reviewing medical practice against explicit criteria, modifying it where necessary.

NICOR does not offer clinical advice, but you can use our reports to find out what care you should expect, as a patient with heart disease, and to see how your local hospital compares to other hospitals in England and Wales.

Data Protection

We are committed to looking after your data. To find out how we do this, please see our PDF information leaflets below.

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Patient and Public Information Leaflet

We previously combined these into a single document which is available in Welsh, but we will replace this with translated versions of the new separate documents when they are available:

Polisi preifatrwydd NICOR prosesu teg gwybodaeth i gleifion a ‘ r cyhoedd Diweddarwyd 160419cy

We will also provide a PDF of the new NICOR Data Protection Impact Assessment (2022), approved by NHS England, when this is finalised.