Requests for extensions or amendments


Please note that existing Data Sharing Agreements are not automatically renewed. They are only valid for the agreed period as specified in the DSA, unless NHS England and GIG Cymru/NHS Wales has granted a longer period in exceptional circumstances. If the data are required beyond the expiry date within your approved Data Sharing Agreement you would need to request an extension by filling in our Extension/Amendment data access request form which is available from the DARS manager ( This should be completed and submitted at least three months before the expiry of the Data Sharing Agreement in order to further hold the data.

Any extension to the original DSA will incur an additional administrative fee.


If a significant change is required to an existing data access request form (DARF) (and hence the Data Sharing Agreement), for instance, your protocol or Ethics Committee approval has changed, the outputs dates have changed, there is a change to the agreed data flows, the duration of your project is extended, or an additional data field is required which is not included in the original application (provided the objectives and purpose of the data processing remain the same), you can request the amendment by filling in our Extension/Amendment data access request form by following the instructions in the form. These can be obtained from our DARS manager.

For minor amendments, such as a change in your local research team, a formal amendment process will not be required but an updated log of the personnel should be supplied to the DARS manager ( This should be provided to NICOR before the new team member starts work on the data. Should a new member of the research team work in a different organisation to those identified in the original DARS, a full amendment application with appropriate information governance details of the partner organisation will be required.

Please note that extension/amendment requests are subject to the same process followed when a new DARF is received (i.e. pre-RAC checks, possible clarifications requests and submission to our monthly RAC meetings for review and approval). The approval process may therefore be time consuming and requiring additional resource, which is why NHS England recommends that you start working on your renewal/amendment request in good time.

For more information on application fees, please see the Costs of Data Access section.