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NICOR releases new data tools to assist hospitals with their local audit programmes

In collaboration with the British Cardiovascular Intervention Society and the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain and Ireland, NICOR has developed a series of new data tools for all participating hospitals to use. These data tools will be available for hospitals from Monday 20th July 2020.

There are three components:

  • Data completeness tool
  • National QI metric tool
  • Tool to set up user-defined reports

These tools are linked to the live national dataset.

Data completeness tool

This will provide each hospital with an overview of its data completeness for the audit and allows them to drill down to individual patients at that centre to determine where data are missing. This will help hospitals improve data completeness and accuracy.

National Quality Improvement (QI) metric tool

This allows each hospital to look at how it currently compares with the national average as well as the best centres. If the information does not appear correct, this will give hospitals time to check their data and make appropriate valid corrections. This will improve the accuracy of the data provided to NICOR and hence the accuracy of the information NICOR provides back.

User-defined reports

This tool allows you to design your own queries on your data and to see how you compare with the national average.

For all reports information is displayed graphically, in tables and downloadable as pdf documents.

The reporting tools are available once you have logged into the NICOR IT platform (username/password required) and are accessible for PCI and ACS in the User Reports and Data Completeness Tabs on the upper navigator menu. This guide shows this pictorially.

We are providing a ‘User Guide’ which is available from the main login screen within the NICOR Wiki page to help you make the most out of these applications. If you have any queries about these tools, please contact the  NICOR helpdesk.

We hope this ability to see your local information on an immediate basis will encourage you to collect and upload data on a weekly basis to assist your local audit programmes.


James Chal, NICOR Chief Operating Officer

Nadeem Fazal, NICOR Data Services Technical Manager