Data Collection

Submitting data to NICOR databases

The collection and storage of patient information is a core function of NICOR and is vital for the production of our reports and analyses.

We know that this data is important and have provided additional information on how to submit data to NICOR, and how we manage this data. Furthermore, our datasets are available to download.

The information provided in this section is specifically for those involved in collecting, inputting and analysing data.

How to submit data to NICOR

Regular data submissions, better data quality

Getting started

Data is submitted to the audits by direct entry into the collection system, via the secure web portal, or by exporting data collected from a local data collection system.

Audit data can be submitted to NICOR as frequently as your schedule allows. We recommend regular – ideally monthly – data submissions.

If you are using a local database within your organisation to collect data, an upload schedule should be agreed with whoever is responsible for exporting and importing the data.

Our secure web portal allows users to submit data directly to our servers.

NICOR secure web portal

To start submitting data to the NICOR audits, you will need access to our secure web portal. Contact the NICOR helpdesk to register.

Entering data

Datasets and data definitions for each of the audits can be found on the datasets page.

Importing data

A CSV line (record) consists of variables (fields) containing information separated by commas and enclosed by double-quotes. NICOR accepts either the short code or the long code listed in the datasets for import.

File formats for each of the NICOR datasets are as follows:

If you wish to import data directly into the NICOR databases, your local collection system must be capable of generating an export file in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format, which is then uploaded to the NICOR databases using the import routine.

If you have any questions about the data definitions or data entry process for a particular audit, please email the audit enquiries inbox

NICOR data collection system

Users of the system connect to the data collection system via the N3 net (a private data network which provides the entire NHS with fast broadband networking services) or the internet via an internet service provider.

Opening a database allows users to see all the documents they are authorised to, create new documents, or edit existing information. Once data has been entered it is synchronised with the central system, it is then analysed to provide feedback, and subsequently reported back to the user.

Data Submission Deadlines 2022-24

Projected data submission deadlines (revised June 2023) can be found here