Rapid cardiovascular data: we need it now (and in the future)

How the collaborative approach to countering the impact of COVID-19 demonstrates the value of rapid analysis of national data in helping to improve outcomes for patients with cardiovascular disease

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented all parts of the NHS with major challenges. In a very short period of time, local health systems have been through a major reorganisation of their services to deal with the huge rise in patients requiring critical and specialist care for pneumonia, respiratory failure and sepsis. This has had a big impact on the care of people with cardiovascular disease (CVD).

The National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research (NICOR) has worked with the cardiovascular Professional Societies and individual hospitals to ensure a continuous flow of data to assess the effect of the pandemic on patients with CVD. A close collaboration between NHS Digital, NICOR and the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership with NHS England has also transformed the information governance landscape by creating a linked ‘cardiovascular data spine’. This has enabled data to be collated and analysed rapidly to inform Government and NHS policy.

A Cardiovascular Specialty Strategic Group, set up to inform and perform a series of analyses using national datasets, has initiated a number of workstreams and this report sets out initial findings from the first of these: the impact of the pandemic on clinical pathways for routine cardiovascular care.

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Patient and Public Summary