NICOR hosting moving to NHS Arden & GEM CSU from Barts Health NHS Trust



On Friday 24 June 2022, the hosting of all NICOR clinical audits & registries will transfer to NHS Arden & GEM CSU (Arden & GEM) from Barts Health NHS Trust.

The change, which is being commissioned by NHS England to improve the alignment of all the NICOR clinical audits & registries and their subsequent alignment with the objectives set out in the NHS Long Term Plan, will be completed seamlessly in the background – meaning the quality-of-service users receive from NICOR will not be affected.

The change will not have any impact on users or professional groups, who will continue to access NICOR in the usual way, with no further action necessary. In addition, the quality of service that patients and carers receive from NICOR will be unaffected.

Whilst, information asset ownership will transfer to NHS England, information asset administration will remain with NICOR, which means on a day-to-day basis, NICOR staff will continue to deliver services as per usual and be invited to TUPE transfer to Arden & GEM.

No service changes are expected during the transfer; and the continued collection and submission of data to support the NICOR clinical audits and registries remains as important as ever. We will remain in contact with all users and professional groups so that, in the unlikely event of any issues, we can respond immediately.

Arden & GEM is part of the NHS and is hosted by NHS England, its Business Intelligence team has a well-established and proven reputation for hosting clinical registries.


Sally Cavanagh, Clinical Information Manager, Specialised Services National Business Intelligence and Information Team, NHS England and NHS Improvement said:

This is a fantastic opportunity to improve the alignment of all the NICOR clinical audits & registries and their subsequent alignment with the objectives set out in the NHS Long Term Plan, as we strive to improve patient outcomes.

Arden & GEM

Helen Seth, Director of Business Intelligence and Provider Management at Arden & GEM said:

We are delighted to have been chosen by NHS England to host the NICOR (National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research) Clinical Audits & Registries and would like to welcome the NICOR Team, to the NHS Arden & GEM family.

This development enhances our position as one of the NHS’ leading providers of hosting clinical registries, and we look forward to the opportunity to exchange knowledge, build on best practice and deliver continuous improvement together.

Professor John Deanfield CBE, NICOR Director said:

NICOR has the largest electronic repository of cardiovascular disease real-world data and has been a major contributor to quality improvement and improved outcomes from cardiovascular disease.   The COVID pandemic really emphasised NICOR’s value in assessing changes in care delivery and supporting the government’s decision making and policy.  We are excited by this move which will facilitate closer working with the NHS to maximise the impact of real world data to the benefit of all of stakeholders including patients, medical professionals and health providers.