NICE publishes new Cardiovascular Disease Management Impact Report including NCAP data


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published an impact report on cardiovascular disease (CVD) management. This new report, which includes NICOR data from the National Cardiac Audit Programme (NCAP), considers how NICE’s evidence-based guidance contributes to improvements in care of people with CVD.

This is the latest impact report in a series which looks at how NICE’s evidence-based guidance is being used in priority areas of the health and care system. NICE impact reports are based on data from national audits, reports, surveys and indicator frameworks that show the uptake of their guidance and quality statement measures. You can access all the impact reports on the NICE website.

Judith Richardson, NICE’s Acting Director for Health and Social Care, has published a blog about the CVD management impact report in the National Health Executive