Independent Review of Children’s Cardiac Services: NCHDA Recommendations


Bristol Review publishes final report
The Independent Review of Children’s Cardiac Services in Bristol published its final report on 1/7/2016. The full report is available to download via the website.

Commissioned by NHS England Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh in 2014, and chaired by Eleanor Grey QC, the Bristol Review is an independent review of the safety and quality of children’s cardiac services in Bristol. The report contains recommendations relating to the NCHDA in relation to the outlier policy including:

  • the development of guidance for centres on how to respond to notification of potential outlier status and
  • specific attention to the need for publication of the responses to outlier alerts, and of any actions taken as a result

We welcome the recommendations and recognize the importance of clear guidance and communication.

A full description of the outlier process including timelines and guidance for hospital staff will be available shortly as part of an updated guidance on Data Quality. The guidance will also include a clear process for how the hospital response is reviewed and quality of care assured. All responses will be published on the NICOR website.