NICOR’s statistical response to Nick Black’s report into the review of data validation and statistical processes for consultant outcomes publication 2014


As part of NHS England’s consultant outcomes publication (COP), Professor Nick Black was asked to review the National Adult Cardiac Surgery Audit (NACSA) and provide assurance the data were fit for purpose and publication.

NICOR would like to thank Nick Black and his panel for their report (which is Appendix I in the document provided below). The panel acknowledged the complexity of this process, made recommendations for potential improvements, and highlighted the chain of responsibility.

They concluded in spite of the complexities identified the data are sufficiently complete and accurate to allow a comparison of individual consultants. They recommended further development of the processes involved and also the risk adjustment model, but concluded the adopted method is fit-for-purpose. The panel raised some important points.

NICOR would wish to highlight a number of issues related to his report.

NICOR response to Prof Nick Black